A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Why hello there. This is a reaaaaally short game about our identities online and how our actions in social media can have great consequences. This game was actually just a school project so there's really not that much to see here lol, but if you're into games like Sara is Missing or Simulacra you might want to check this one out(but then again, don't get too excited since the game was put together in roughly 5 days). 

To anyone who is wondering, we were suppose to make something artsy related to social media and stuff so since I am sooo quirky I decided to develop a game. Btw, if you can't figure out the password take a look at the game's folder, there should be a text file with the  password in it.  

Install instructions

If you're downloading for Windows make sure you don't remove anything from the game's folder.


Digital Citizenship- Windows 20 MB
Digital Citizenship - Mac 23 MB

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